Time for some privacy?

Privacy, aesthetic, marking boundaries or simply to keep the animals confined. Fences have many uses and fence design can vary drastically. Whichever fencing needs you have, we can fulfill.


Our Cornwall gardeners have years of experience in designing, making, and installing fencing and gates throughout Cornwall.

Here are some examples of fencing we have to offer:

. Wood Fencing

. Metal Fencing

. Panel Fencing

. Gates

We also offer custom-design gates, just give us a call!

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Wood Fencing

Wooden fencing is often the cheaper option with some beautiful designs to choose from.


Repairs are a great deal easier to carry out than a metal fence but unfortunately, if left unattended and unmaintained then Mother Nature will take her toll over the years and a wooden fence will eventually need to be replaced.

A great option if it is well-maintained.

Metal Fencing

While metal fencing is slightly more expensive than wood, it is extremely durable. It also requires little to no maintenance, is the best option for containment and is best used in areas where regular upkeep isn't possible. 

There are many designs available depending on what the fence is being used for, from aesthetic to privacy.


Give us a call or leave us an email, we are here to help!

Fence Panels

Most often used for privacy and noise-reduction, PVC fencing is a popular option in fencing due to it not needing any maintenance and it's strong resistance against the elements.


PVC fence designs often mimick the look and style of wooden or even metal fencing.


The gate is more often than not the first impression visitors have of your home or business and first impressions can be important depending on the situation! 

There are countless gate designs to choose from but if you would like something a little more 'unique' then The Cornwall Gardeners can design and fabricate a custom gate just for you. 

Give us a call or request a free quote to get the ball rolling!

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